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What You Need To Know: Bail Conditions

August 2, 2021

Some people may think that when you are out on bail, all you are required to do is show up to your court dates. However, this isn’t always the case. When you are released and out on bail, you will also have to follow bail conditions. These are additional rules set by the courts to ensure that you don’t get into further trouble while back in your community.

Types of Bail Conditions

Bail conditions are determined based on the individual’s personal circumstances. The judge has full discretion when it comes to setting conditions of bail.

Mandatory Check-Ins

This is a very common bail condition. These are required meetings that happen in addition to the mandatory court dates. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that the defendant is following all of the conditions of their bail. This is similar to having a meeting with a probation officer.

Travel Restrictions

You may assume that because you paid your bail, you can go wherever you please as long as you show up to your court dates. However, being physically free from the walls of a jail or prison doesn’t mean you have complete freedom to travel. The judge may require that the defendant stays in the county where they reside in order to ensure that they don’t run away. However, for special circumstances, the judge may allow travel – such as to visit a sick relative.

Drug-Free Living

If the defendant committed a drug-related offense, they may be required to stay sober while out on bond. This could be in terms of illegal drugs or alcohol. It is within the court’s rights to require random drug testing.


While out on bond, the defendant may be required to uphold their current employment. In other words, they cannot neglect their job responsibilities while awaiting their hearing. If the defendant doesn’t have current employment, a condition of their release may be that they must actively look for work.

No-Contact Orders

These orders legally prevent the defendant from speaking to or being in the same location as certain individuals. This is common in domestic violence cases where the defendant is a risk to the safety of others.

A no-contact order also prevents the defendant from engaging in ‘third-person communication’ such as trying to send messages through someone else.

If a no-contact order is put in place as a bail condition, it will be in effect for the entirety of the case.

Defendants may also be ordered to stay away from certain people who are known criminals, or places where criminal activity is common.


In many cases, the defendant will need to surrender their firearms and will be unable to purchase new weapons while out on bond. This is common for all types of cases —- not just weapons offenses.

Mandatory Classes

The defendant may be required to participate in programs for self-improvement. This could include:

  • Substance abuse classes
  • Anger management
  • Counseling
  • Domestic violence education
  • Parenting classes

Length of Bail Conditions

Bail conditions are not lifted after your first court appearance. Instead, these conditions must be followed until your case is completed.

Violating Bail Conditions

If you violate the conditions of your bail, you face severe consequences. There will likely be a bench warrant out for your arrest. When you have a bench warrant, you can be brought into custody at any time.

The judge can then revoke your bond and you can be sent back to jail. If this happens, you likely won’t have the opportunity to post bail again.

What To Do When Out On Bond

It is imperative that you follow the conditions of your bail.

Take these steps once you’re released to ensure that you can stay free and out of trouble while awaiting your hearings:

  • Save your paperwork and go over it with an attorney
  • Make sure you thoroughly understand all conditions you must follow
  • If you disagree with any conditions, you can file a motion to request a change
  • Do NOT violate your bail conditions under the assumption that you won’t get caught

Is Your Loved One Currently In Custody?

The Bail Boys is here to help. We know the ins and outs of the bail bonding process and can help you and your loved one understand what steps to take. We understand that the sooner your loved one is released, the sooner they can begin building their defense with an attorney. Contact us 24/7 at (800) 798-7366 to get started on the bail bond process.

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