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Bail Bond Myths

Debunking Myths About Bail Bonds

July 1, 2021

Many people have common misconceptions about bail bonds. After all, it’s not really a topic you think about unless you need to get one.

Let’s break down some of the most common myths about bail bonds.

You have to pay the full amount of bail

Bail can be pricey. In fact, the median cost of bail for a felony offense is $10,000. Most people don’t have that kind of money readily available to spend.Luckily, when you go through a bail bondsman, you only pay a premium on the full amount.This is a set percentage of the total cost of bail.For example, you may be required to pay 10% on $10,000 bail – meaning $1,000.

It is also important to note that the premium payment cannot be higher than 10% of the total cost of the bail set by the court.

The bail bonds company will cover the rest of the total amount.

If you’re innocent, you get a refund

Another misconception people have about bail bonds is that they can be refunded if you are found innocent. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even if you are found innocent of the crime that you were initially being held for, you cannot get bail money back.

Bail bondsmen can negotiate bail amounts

A bail bondsman cannot negotiate for lower bail on your behalf. However, you are free to negotiate your own bond terms with the court.

You have to pay in cash

This is not true! You can conveniently pay online using credit or debit cards, or pay with a money order.

Once your bail is paid, you’re free

Technically, you are free to leave the jail after your bail is paid. However, it is crucial that you still attend all mandatory court dates.

If you do not attend your hearings, you will be sent back to jail.

The Bail Boys

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