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Surprising Stats About Bail

March 28, 2021

Like it or not, a significant chunk of the American populace will need to post bail at some point. Sadly, many U.S. citizens know next to nothing about bail bonds. Here are a few bail facts that may surprise you.

It’s a $2 Billion Industry

Believe it or not, the bail bond industry is big business for a variety of companies both large and small. As of 2020, there were more than 13,000 bail bond outfits in the U.S. that employ a minimum of 24,000 workers.

Some States Don’t Allow Commercial Bail Bonds

Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, Wisconsin, Maine and Nebraska have laws that prohibit traditional commercial bail bonds. This means that any bail imposed must be paid in cash by the defendant. Many states are making strides to eliminate cash bail entirely.

Bail Bonds Don’t Reduce Local Prison Populations

The harsh reality is that the majority of inmates held in California’s county jails haven’t even been convicted of a crime. The state of California spends roughly $14 billion per year to detain defendants awaiting trial who may eventually walk free.

California Residents Who Can’t Afford Bail Can Still Secure Release

Thanks to a recent decision by the Supreme Court of California, a defendant’s ability to pay must be factored into the decision to grant bail. Consequently, the bail schedule employed by a county is no longer a hard-and-fast rule dictating pre-trial release.

Bail Amounts Don’t Reflect the Likelihood of a Failure to Appear

In California and many other states, bail amounts follow a set schedule and don’t necessarily correlate with a defendant’s past history. California in particular is notorious for setting bail amounts far above what the average person can afford to pay.

Bail Amounts Aren’t Necessarily Set in Stone

Ultimately, a judge will be the one who determines whether bail is required to reduce a defendant’s flight risk. What many don’t realize is that a bail amount can be appealed. A competent attorney can lower a bail amount with a little finagling.

Californians Who Jump Bail Rarely Encounter Bounty Hunters

Most bail bond agents don’t waste time physically detaining clients who fail to make appearances. They typically track down bail jumpers and tell local law enforcement where to find them. Nevertheless, it’s in the financial interests of pre-trial defendants to appear in court on time.

Stay on the Right Side of the Law With Bail Boys!

The state of bail bonds in California is a rapidly changing situation that’s difficult to navigate. If you need superior bail bond service, The Bail Boys is here to help. We handle bail bonds of all kinds from Alameda County to Riverside at a moment’s notice without breaking the bank!

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